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While I have not been a part of the Furcadia or DeviantArt family for a while I am trying to make a come back!
I am most interested in creating patches and patch items I also do portraits on occasion, I will try my hardest to keep this updated with new items!
Currently I am working on my Patch for the Furcadia Winter contest [x]
My patch regardless of winning will become available for free download and usage when I am done
It includes:
+A "snow" Ambiance filter
+"lighting" snow
+A new set of walls, some textured walls, and flat plaster walls along with door and door opening
+New Variate Snow floor
+Some "winter" Trees
+"Holiday" Tree
+use of the "lighting" layer for tree lights
+animated string lights
+"lighting" layer for the string lights
+A few new chairs and logs
+frozen grass "effect"
+other winter/frozen items for in the snow
+new snowfurre
+A new randomized 8 frame set of "worn" wood floors
+A rug (with a new take)
--I can't wait to share all of these new things with you guys!--